Wild Honey….

…fresh from the stings of killer bees
her notable resilience
like a spring tulip
for she is a survivor….
~ Honey Badger – Vanessa Dunn

We all know the saying ¨Africa is not for sissies¨. The Kalahari is a perfect example of this, as every winter we are amazed by the survival skills of both fauna and flora species in the region. An animal especially known for its ability to survive in harsh and tricky circumstances, is the Honey Badger. There is a saying in Afrikaans, ¨So taai soos ń ratel.¨, translating to ¨As tough as a Honey Badger¨. This saying couldn´t be more accurate. Often, underestimated as cute little fur balls with black, beady eyes, the honey badger can teach us a few tricks to deal with the difficulties in life, keep that jump in our step and to never give up.

In some ways, we also try to be like the Honey Badger, especially when it involves determination and ambition. So much has happened the past few weeks. We managed to release more Bluewildebeest, as well as the magnificent Gemsbok/Oryx. The one antelope we are extremely excited about, is the sacred Eland. They were also released recently, so keep a close lookout for the largest antelope in the world.

That is just the beginning of new improvements and achievements. The dream of a new safari vehicle came true, at last. We received our new, comfortable, stylish Land Cruiser a few weeks back. It even has a fridge to keep your drinks ice cold for those hot, summer days, which will greet us again in the near future. Everyone were thrilled when they could take this new addition into the Kalahari plains and dunes. We wish our guides and guests many happy and successful game viewing hours.

Not only, is it the new animals and vehicle. We would like to welcome our new guide, Ditshimologo Pogiso, more commonly known as Dicks. Dicks was born in the Panhandle region and guided in the Delta area. He was triggered by curiosity, and continued his journey into the Kalahari. Dicks will soon experience the magic that the Deception Valley Conservancy and Lodge reveal.

An update on our refurbishment is, that we have completed the first wing of the new walkways and both human and animal love them. Some animals feel the need to be recognized and walk over them, like the lions, whereas others prefer the shortcut underneath like the Honey Badger and Small spotted Genet.

On the other hand, sightings were great the past month. Lots of sightings of the lions with the cubs,
the African Elephant, the occasional Leopard, Caracal and African Wild Cat. Two days back we even found a vulture nest with a chic in it. It was a very special experience. The days are getting much cooler now, so the antelopes and elephants are frequent visitors to the lodge waterhole during the day. So why not relax on a day bed, reading Cry of the Kalahari (written by Mark and Delia Owens) and wait upon all these magnificent creatures. You will be treated to quite a show…..

I have just heard news that the elephants have shown up again at the lodge, together with two lionesses. Therefore it is time to go and enjoy the sighting. Remember to be inspired by the Honey Badger this week!

Till next time!!

Janie Swart
General Manager