The ¨Wow¨ Factor!

¨Nothing but breathing the air of Africa

and actually walking through it

can communicate the indescribable sensations…”- William Burchell

Wow, Absolutely Wow! Have you ever truly experienced the feeling? Such a simple word, yet the essence is tremendous, and lights up your entire being. It is out of this world! Your eyes shine like the bright stars in the vast Kalahari nightskies. Your smile is so wide and infectious, and your soul sparks like a meteorite…

The ¨wow¨ factor was definitely evident the past few months at Deception Valley Conservancy. So much has happened, and a lot still is. From the sensational lodge renovations to the gratifying improvements on a Conservational aspect.

The renovated lodge takes you back to an era of colonial exploration and adventure. The owners (Bart, Braam, Berry and Jamal) together with the architect, Alwyn Petersen, created an enchanting and luxurious space in a normally harsh environment. These men are enthusiastic, passionate and geniuses when it comes to inventing beautiful places. Just imagine, the smell of leather and teak, brightened up with a few captivating colours. It provides the perfect African blend; the richness of nature and the delightful colours of the different cultures. Not only Southern African, but there is even a Morrocan hint here and there. They have put their personal taste and unconditional love into the lodge, by crafting some exquisite furniture pieces themselves. So, we invite you to sit back and relax in a comfortable chair, sipping on a refreshing drink, while the major variety of animals at the waterhole, bewonders you.



Conservation in the modern world is of utmost importance. With urbanization, natural areas for precious wildlife becomes less and less. I cannot even state the importance of protecting and preserving the few natural areas we have, and therefor enhancing the survival of the different species. Luckily, Botswana is renowned for its spectacular wildlife and exquisite wilderness areas and, unlike other African countries, it is winning the war against rampant poaching. Botswana has one of the highest conservation land ratios in Africa, with more than 25% set aside for parks and reserves, to conserve the natural heritage of the country. No wonder Botswana was recently classified as the best Safari Destination…

On a conservation side, we decided to improve the conditions out in the veld. With the increase of wildlife and the dry season upon us, we have to provide adequate water sources. A resource that is extremely precious and rare in the Kalahari. Throughout the pristine 43 000 hectares, a few additional waterholes were made, as to relief the pressure we had on the original ones. This came after our animal population increased significantly over the past 3 years. To give you an idea, in 2018 we had between 6 and 10 Elephants bulls traversing between us and the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, but now there is also a breeding herd and a few others that came from the North. There must be between 50 and 60 individuals roaming the area.

The Zebra, Blue-Wildebeest, Impala, Gemsbok and Eland populations are increasing exponentially. Every now and then you will see a new youngster. Mid- to late afternoon, you may be bedazzled by up to a 100 zebra from the viewing deck. Not even to mention the wide variety of other species such as Warthogs, Giraffes and Red-Hartebeest.



We are happy to announce that the lions increased from about 20 individuals to 30. We are having more sightings of Leopard, Brown Hyena, Bat-eared fox, Cape Fox and even Wild Dog. One particular evening, we were spellbound by all the species that visited the lodge in a matter of 2 hours. First, we were dining in the company of our famous Porcupine family, then all of a sudden the resident Small-spotted Genet ran past the dining table. Suddenly, as we were ready to succumb to our cosy and warm duvets, a terrifying screeching echoed through the Kalahari. From experience, I learnt that it must have been two Brown Hyenas having a slight disagreement. I just couldn´t contain the excitement, so put on my slippers, took the torch, and indulged in an adventure. There they were, huge, all their hair erect and baring teeth at each other. They even had a few spectators, including Black-backed Jackal, Springhare and a Scrubhare, whom decided to get away from the commotion with the speed of lightning. After the exhilarating sighting, we fell to sleep with the distant roar of the Kalahari lion. Blondie and his pride, certainly make sure they remind you that they always have the last say in this exquisite eco-system.

At Deception Valley Lodge our aim is to provide a long-lasting ¨Wow¨ feeling, by including comfort, luxury and a magical safari. After all, it is said that there is no beauty and romance like the soul of Africa. She is waiting, and afterwards you will hunger for the Kalahari, for the lion´s rasping roar and to sit around the campfire under the stars, where you will be at peace once more…

Janie Swart

General Manager