The Kalahari boasts vast skies and is one of the best regions in Africa for stargazing. Nights of clear skies offer enthusiasts a chance to see many constellations unhindered by civilisations light polution. Stargazing experiences at Deception Valley Lodge are led by our general manager who is a astronomy enthusiast and takes you into the basics of astro-photography. Stargazing in the Kalahari is truly an unforgettable experience!

Star show

For those of you that have a passion for astronomy and the night skies or for those of you that are just curious and want to learn more about stars and the universe. The star show, combined with the surrounding Kalahari skies and landscapes, will provide you with an unforgettable evening under the Botswana night sky.

Dark skies

The Kalahari is one of the best venues for star gazing. Being so far away from the civilised world there is no light polution,little  natural atmospheric pollution and man-made pollution. With our professional telescope guests can marvel at the luster of a full moon and recline under a deep, dark sky, interpreting the network of stars that gaze back down at earth.

Planets and moons

On a typical winter’s night (June – Sept.) of star gazing there is the possibility of viewing the red planet Mars, Jupiter and its four Galilean moons, the ever stunning Saturn with its beautiful rings or stars such as Rigil Kentaurus, the colourful binary star Albireo, or the red giant Antares. Deep sky objects, such as open and globular clusters, inspire awe and wonder of the age and vastness of our universe. And of course the famous southern sky constellations, will capture your imagination about the ancient cultures and their histories.

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