¨Fall, leaf, fall;
die, flowers, away;
Lengthen night and shorten day!
Every leaf speaks bliss to me,
Fluttering from the autumn tree…..
Emily Bronte ¨

With Autumn full on us, and Winter approaching ever so rapidly, the atmosphere at Deception Valley Lodge will wrap you in its warm blanket.Recently, our weather has changed dramatically. The hot sunny days have given way to cooler days with a breeze. It is time to join the lizards in their behaviour. Lie back on a sun lounger and warm yourself with the winter sun, while listening to the chatter of the White-browed Sparrow Weavers.We have got you covered when it comes to beating the cold. Early morning before going on an adventure with our guide, Knowledge, there will be coffee and tea to warm you and after the morning activity a scrumptious hot brunch. On your morning activity you get provided with a cosy blanket and the famous ¨Bush Baby¨ which is a hot water bottle you can cuddle up with. Warm yourself at night around the fire and with hearty dishes like a warm, rich Butternut soup.This week our guests were treated to amazing sightings while relaxing on the deck. Species such as Kudu, Giraffe, Zebra and Warthogs came to the waterhole to quench their thirst during the warmest hours of the day. The baby warthogs were delightful. They were so excited jumping up and down around mom and chasing each another. Quite comical to watch. As the afternoons got cooler we had the Black-backed Jackals visiting the waterhole and even the Elephants.

We had the privilege to celebrate a 38th Wedding Anniversary with one of our guests. May there be many more blessed years for them. They got treated to a romantic dinner under the stars with a walkway lit by warm, glowing candles. The Kalahari decided that they are not to be alone during their romantic dinner. Our recent visitors to the lodge, the Porcupine and Small-spotted Genet decided to keep an eye over them while dining.
On game drive, Knowledge got to treat the guests to wonderful sightings of the Lions. The cubs are bigger now and starting to pay interest in meat. The little ones are still very shy to the vehicles. When the lions were finished consuming their prey, and went off for a afternoon nap, several big bird species decided to do the rest of the cleanup. Guests got treated to Tawny Eagle, Vultures and the beautiful Bateleur Eagle.

Our General Manager, Peter, also got to see Wild Dog, the elusive Brown Hyena and Caracal one night very late. So you never know what will be around your chalet, while you are having African dreams.

Have a gorgeous week

Janie Swart – General Manager