The Kalahari offers you an extraordinairy escape into a pristine and remote semi arid desert wilderness. It stretches across much of Southern and Central Africa. It’s a place where true openness prevails and where the sky unfolds with featureless horizons in the distance. A place where you can experience absolute silence during the night between the distant or close roars of a Kalahari lion. Deception Valley is one of the four fossilised river valleys that traverses the Central Kalahari Game Reserve.

The Central Kalahari Game Reserve

It’s the second largest wildlife reserve in the world, and the largest and most remotely situated game reserve in Southern Africa. It envelops a mind boggling 52.800 square kilometres of land within the very heart of Botswana and the Kalahari desert, and is known for its harsh climate, magnificent but unforgiving terrain and breathtaking night skies.

A sanctuary reserve for the San

Established in 1961 the Central Kalahari Game Reserve was originally earmarked as a sanctuary for the San, the Kalahari desert original inhabitants for over 20.000 years. The original concept was to provide the San with an area large enough to continue to practice their hunter-gatherer way of living in peace and away from the outside world. The reserve remained closed to the public for almost 30 years under this precept, finally opening its gates to small and well controlled groups of visitors in the late eighties for the first time.

Deception Valley

Because it was closed to the public for so long, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve has remained one of the most pristine expanses of African wilderness possible to visit. Despite having very little surface water, the Kalahari supports a tremendous amount of vegetation and animal life. During and shortly after the rainy season is the best time for viewing animals, as they descend upon the sweet grass that burgeons in the northern climes. One of the highlights of the Kalahari is Deception Valley, located in north east corner of the Central Kalahari where game is most abundant.

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