A Journey…..

¨I may not have gone where I intended to go,

but I think I have ended up where I intended to

be¨ – Douglas Adams

A Journey full of surprises, love and ambition was led the past two weeks at Deception Valley Lodge. It all started with a Journey of Giraffes coming to join us one afternoon at High Tea. It was breathtaking watching them elegantly bend down to take a few sips. With carrying out this act, guests always wonder,how it is possible that they don´t fall over or get light headed. When giraffes do drink, the process is a complicated one as bending down potentially subjects their brains to an overload in pressure. To counteract a potential flood of blood to the brain, giraffes have a network of small capillaries that dilate and constrict, to control the flow of blood to the brain during bending down.

Once you have fallen in love with the Kalahari, it becomes a habit that must be repeated. A very good habit, indeed. One of the couples at Deception Valley Lodge this week, had been visiting the lodge since 2010. They just cannot get enough of this oasis in the semi-desert. It had been their eighth time at the lodge and they were surprised with new things yet again. During the day they were spoiled with Elephants, Lions, Zebra, Wildebeest, Kudu and many more at the waterhole in front of the lodge.

However, there were a few new additions this time. They were treated to the rare African Wildcat, as well as the resident Small spotted Genet. The biggest treat of all was, that of one night drive, where our guides, Knowledge and Braam, found a male Cheetah!! This Cheetah has truly been the highlight of the week, since our last sighting was in March. Although they are endemic to the area, it is very seldom that we get so lucky to spot one.

Deception Valley Lodge itself is on an endless, ambitious journey at the moment. We are busy renovating the lodge and therefore having a few upgrading projects. We have just completed the first project of re-thatching all the roofs. Currently we are busy replacing the old walkways with new ones. The new walkways will have a more flowing design and will also be a bit higher, so that smaller species like the Leopard Tortoise will not experience difficulty in crossing it. A new family unit is also rising from the dust, and this unit will have amazing views of the sunset.

So many things to share with you, yet not enough space on the paper. My short journey on paper is coming to an end. Where will your journey take you during the month of June? For some it will be summer and for some winter. Whatever journey you go on, you must enjoy it to the fullest and be sure to include Deception Valley Lodge in your journey for the ultimate life experience.

Janie Swart

General Manager